Jan-air Paint

Jan Peeters

Bonheiden, Belgium


Painting and drawing has been a fascination throughout my life. Over the years I have used different techniques (pencil, Ink, aquarelle, pastel, oil), to finally explore the technic of airbrush in 2002. I started experimenting with an old DeVilbis airbrush pistol and a can of compressed air. Pretty short after, I bought me a decent compressor, evolution airbrush pistol and joined lessons to master the technic. A course of David Degraef , has really started me off on the basics of airbrush. During my stay abroad (Vietnam & India), I continued exploring the airbrush. Once back in Belgium, I joined the school of Eddy Verpuylt ( airbrushEddy ). Eddy has introduced me via Hugo Vervliet , to the wonder world of Airbrush .

In my works, I combine my passion for travel, photography and painting. The majority of my works are based on impressions during my travels.